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Fashanu – Cassette Tapette EP (Plan-It-X)

August 17, 2011

I first came acros this Durham lot when they toured with Imperial Can and ONSIND in 2010. All three bands were great, but Fashanu totally blew me away. Their first EP Science Is Awesome, released on bassist JC’s Discount Horse imprint, was a refreshing dose of shouty-but-sincere pop-punk, and this new offering is a hella impressive step up.

Plenty of punk bands are described as ‘impassioned’, to the extent that the phrase is practically redundant in any critical sense – but Gary, Kate and JC truly love this stuff. That much is evident in the gleeful energy emanating from the stereo. Dangling The Carrot Of Parenthood opens with some exciting riffage, whilst Daryl? This Is John and Bible Belt Pity Fuck are pretty sterling pop songs. The lyrics deal with tricky issues, but they do it with sensitivity and intelligence. And you can put that ’emo’ heckle down right now: this is quality punk rock we’re talking about here. The two contrasting vocals really shouldn’t work together, but somehow they’re just blessed with that natural chemistry where everything just fits perfectly. The swine.

The highlight is undoubtedly Fuck Meaty Freegans, a catchy-as-hell piece of grown-up navel-gazing. As a neatly-restrained instrumental section gives way to one last chorus of “the sun still sets in the same place every day”, you’ll find yourself wishing that more bands could be this intelligent, this engaging… hell, this good.

I like Fashanu.

A lot.

Cassette Tapette is available on tape (funnily enough) from Discount Horse Records, with lovely artwork from Chris Clavin, but you can also give it a listen on Fashanu’s Bandcamp page.