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Don’t bury me… I’m still not dead

November 7, 2010

All quiet on the WHTB front recently, but I’ve not been avoiding the keyboard entirely. In the unlikely event that you might want to read any further drivel from these fair hands, two of my live reviews (Auxes and Shrag, who are both superb) crop up in the latest issue of The Fly. My contributions to that mag’s website can be found here as well, including my review of Darwin Deez‘s recent show in Liverpool.

I also scribble for Bookmunch on occasion, if you’re really interested. There’s a fair few of my book/comic reviews up there, and an interview with Zak Sally to boot. In short, the internet is far from light on stuff wot I writted.

Should probably have updated with this sort of thing before now, really. Ah well.