Idle wibblings from the north-west of England

WHTB used to be a barely-updated blogger page. With a bit of luck it will now become an oft-updated wordpress page.

Indie rock, punk rock, books, comics, movies, Everton FC… that’s the gist. If you like it, then cool! If you don’t… well, shouldn’t you be reading something else?

4 Responses to “Idle wibblings from the north-west of England”

  1. The Stormalongs Says:

    If you like Pavement, we think you will dig our stuff. Check out our free downloads at:

  2. whenheartsturnblue Says:

    Well, thank you very much, The Stormalongs. Rest assured I will check out your fantastical ‘downloading’ wizardry as soon as I’m sat at a computing machine that will enable me to do so. WHTB

  3. Camila Says:

    Hey there,
    I was wondering if you accept music submissions for review consideration?
    I was trying to email you about it, but couln’t find an address. 😦

  4. Rick Says:

    How do I contact you by email?

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