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“Don’t Call It A Comeback…”

September 27, 2010

Boy, it’s been a while since I last posted. But now all those barriers between me and the keyboard have been knocked down. Once again, I’m ready to pour boiling hot liquid inanity onto the calloused dead skin of the blogosphere. Let us continue.

It may come as a surprise to some of you to learn that WHTB is no mere receiver of signals from the great pop satellite (Laboured Metaphor Watch: 2 contenders thus far). No, your humble correspondent also likes to crank out the ol’ six-string and attempt to shred the eardrums of disinterested gig-goers up and down the length of this island. I’ll not sully the band’s reputation (cough) by having their carefully-crafted rock behemoths associated with the wibblings of some gobshite on the internet – they don’t deserve that. So we’ll avoid mentioning the sounds of my beat combo, unless I change my mind or someone asks. In the meantime, I’m going to witter on about my favourite bands that we played with on our recent UK tour. So in other words, that’s ‘some new (to me) bands that I like, linked by a theme that’ll mean nowt to you’. Ah well.

1. Brothers

…or ‘Brothers of Exeter’, if you like. And I certainly do. On the surface, this boy-girl-boy trio deal in good ol’-fashioned seething garage rock, but they sabotage your feeble ideas of straightforwardism by throwing in bubblegum pop harmonies and complex rhythmic breakdowns. After watching them once, I was pleasantly surprised. After a week of seeing them every night, I was a convert. It’s dirty and brutal, even when they’re cooing sweet nothings over the top of it. As our American friends would have it, they kick ‘ass’. And they kick it HARD.

2. Porches

Right now, there are hundreds of bands across the UK trying to rip off the gruff stylings of Gainsville, Florida’s punk scene. Some of them are even really good at it, but the sound becomes tiresome after a while. Cheers, then, to Dorking’s Porches, who manage to do this shit without boring the fuck out of all present… and indeed are actually pretty darn good. Sure, you can hear the omnipresent influence of the No Idea Records sound, but they cover it in pop slop and take it to the bar for vile-coloured shots, before going outside for some sick and then coming back in to party on. Garage gruff, or something, and thoroughly good fun to boot.

3. Bedford Falls

OK. They’re not particularly new. Not if you’re going for an authentic definition of the word, like you’d find in a dictionary. But I’ve just discovered them, and great mother of crap, they’re ace. Early 90s indie/college rock seems to be rather in vogue at present, which is a little disarming for the enthusiasts amongst us who’d grown accustomed to it being ‘the sort of thing that no-one likes any more’. In any case, Newport’s Bedford Falls have been doing this shit for a while, and they’re bloody brilliant at it. Would it be unnecessary to label them ‘the Welsh Buffalo Tom’? Possibly, and it would also sell them short. Just click on the link above and listen to Paperbacks. Then order their split 7″ with Failures’ Union and realise that Wilmington is possibly one of the best songs ever written by anyone ever. FACT. Hyperbole schmyperbole.

Anyway. That’ll do for now. More mumblings about indie rock to follow, probably. And mix tapes. And I’d like to have a ramble about Alan Moore’s sterling Dodgem Logic mag at some point too. Don’t let me forget, y’all.