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What the fuck do we care?

February 5, 2010

Last time i posted a small piece about Everton ahead of a big game, we went on to lose the FA Cup final against Chelsea. I’m not saying it was my fault, but toggerball fans are a superstitious breed. As such i’m going to lean away from that before big games in future. I’ll stick to the occasional personal observation instead.

So I’m not going to compose a huge rambling speech about my deep-felt love for the club, nor am i going to follow suit with the ‘proper’ Everton fansites and rant venomously about our loveable opposition. Instead, i’ll just acknowledge that it’s derby weekend and save my Blue-themed cheering for the match itself.

I fucking love you, Everton Football Club.

“And you think that’s a big deal, huh?”

February 5, 2010

Further to my last post, time can really be unkind to some music. Maybe it was something to do with my lack of musical knowledge at the time, or maybe some genuinely freaky shit has been released over the last ten years, but back in the mid-to-late 90s, this song (well, ok this band) was intensity in ten cities.

Now it sounds sort of quaint, and perhaps even a bit embarrassing. Yeesh.

I mean, it’s still fun… am i experiencing something similar to fans of early grindcore when that stopped sounding quite so ragin’?

Maybe time and context are everything, i dunno.

Thanks for everything, Atari Teenage Riot, but i think your time has well and truly passed.

I’ll be saying this about Lightning Bolt and Wolf Eyes before long, no doubt.