Tigers whimper

Everton Tigers were their own worst enemies in last night’s local derby against Cheshire Jets, losing 86-96 after a frustrating final quarter. Despite an 18 point lead at half-time, Tigers were clearly missing the potent attacking skills of Kevin Bell and James Jones, both out due to injuries.

Olu Babalola

Despite the best efforts of Olu Babalola, Tigers offered little spark during the final quarter, and could have no complaints about the Jets’ victory. With their support in fine voice all evening, the away team gave a comprehensive display of tightness, organisation and intelligent movement. It’s difficult to argue with away wins like this.


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2 Responses to “Tigers whimper”

  1. oldrope Says:

    Where do they play? As in, where is their home ground…?

  2. whenheartsturnblue Says:

    Everton Tigers (formerly Toxteth Tigers, prior to their sponsorship by a certain premiership toggerball side) play the large majority of their home games at Greenbank Academy in Mossley Hill.

    Which you’ll notice is nowhere near Everton Valley. Or even much closer to Toxteth, come to that.

    They also play approximately four games per season at the somewhat-larger Echo Arena, with a view to expanding the fanbase and eventually making that their full-time home turf.

    I quite like them being in Greenbank though, because i can walk there.

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