Get the fuck up!

It seems quite strange to imagine that the length of time between the Minor Threat 7″ and Nevermind is now equal to how many years have elapsed since nu-metal’s heyday. I was 18 at the time and it was easier to go out, get drunk and bawl along to Limp Bizkit than i’d perhaps like it to have been.

It all seems faintly embarrassing now – has there ever been a musical movement so pointlessly angry? Grunge may have been full of self-pitying Gen-Xers with little to say for themselves, but at least a lot of the tunes and some of the bands still stand up. It’s harder to imagine
Rollin’ or Last Resort capturing the imaginations of future generations in quite the same way as Smells Like Teen Spirit or Touch Me I’m Sick still seem to. Although music is a funny thing – rule out a nu-metal revival at your peril. There was a time when it seemed like the 80s (‘the decade that taste forgot’) could never possibly be cool again.

Still. Ten years, maaan! How did that happen?


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